Jenny Bailey, Speaker, Trainer, Author and Coach

Before coming to your clinic I was suffering allergic symptoms that were quite uncomfortable and distracting.  I had no idea of the cause.

Larn was professional and compassionate.  No expensive supplements – problem solved.


L.L. mother and professional, 39 years

The main reason I came to Natural Balance: Stress/Anxiety

I came to Larn after numerous visits to my GP and psychologist in an attempt to gain any insight I could into easing my overwhelming anxiety problem. Initially she was able to identify an issue that was affecting my overall wellbeing, and then subsequently began NET (stress reduction technique) on me which had profound effect in healing me both physically and mentally. I can’t speak highly enough of Larn’s skill and treatment and recommend her services to anyone!


Mum of 3 year old boy:

The reason I brought my son to Natural Balance: Food sensitivity

“Everyday my son would get bloated. Larn helped us pinpoint a trigger.”


Mum of 4 year old boy:

The reason I brought my child to Natural Balance: Restlessness/aggression

He is a different child!


Newborn baby

Main issue: Recurrent oral thrush

I would like to thank Larn for her help with my (now) 1 year old son.
When he was about 1 week old he developed oral thrush. We used a few different types of doctor recommended medications with only short term results. It returned every time. We took him to Larn when he was about 5 months old and she gave us a natural supplement that I took which cleared the thrush up in days and it hasn’t returned.

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